Tube End Forming Services

Eagle offers precision tube end forming services tailored to meet a wide range of unique specifications. Our expertise in flaring and end reduction of tubing makes it an integral part of our daily precision machining operations. Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to refining our techniques, designing specialized tools and procedures to ensure consistent results and the perfect alignment of flared and end-reduced tubes.

For applications requiring closed-end tubes, we employ a meticulous process of spinning the tube ends closed and welding them shut, accommodating various end configurations, including round, flat, or pointed profiles. Additionally, our capabilities extend to flaring and flanging, where we can shape the end of the tube into conical or spherical forms, facilitating seamless connections with other components.Whether it’s for enhancing fluid flow or ensuring structural integrity, flaring and flanging offer a reliable solution for achieving precision in component integration.

Some advantages to end forming tubes is an enhanced tube strength, connectivity improvements and increased sealing capabilities. End formed tubing also optimizes fluid or gas flow by reducing turbulence, diminishes vibrations and noise in systems, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments.  Customization is another significant benefit, permitting tailored solutions to meet specific design requirements. Reduced material waste, tight dimensional tolerances, enhanced durability, and minimized maintenance needs all contribute to the overall cost-effectiveness and sustainability of precision end tubing. All finished tubes are tested to ensure there is no porosity or leakage.  Creating a leak free component is crucial in applications where keeping fluid or gas contained is essential. Ready to learn what Eagle can do for you? Request a quote today!

What are the common applications for precision closed-end tubes?

Precision closed-end tubes are used in a wide range of applications, including pressure vessels, hydraulic systems, medical devices, automotive components, and any application where containment, sealing, or structural integrity is crucial.

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T304 Stainless Steel
T304L Stainless Steel
T303 Stainless Steel
T316 Stainless Steel
T316L Stainless Steel
T321 Stainless Steel

End Tube Configurations
Conical Flare
End Expansion w/ Transition
End Reduction w/ Transition
Flat Closed End
Pointed Closed End
Spherical Closed End

Secondary Operations

Welding & Brazing Assembly
Welding brazing or soldering of standards or custom-made components to customer drawings or specifications are performed on state-of-the-art equipment including computer-controlled, laser machining centers Assembly of multiple parts to achieve a single component can be accomplished by various methods such as welding, threading, epoxy, etc. Eagle works to exact customer specifications, as well as the recommendations of our engineering experts, to achieve the lowest costs and the highest quality


Bending / Coiling
Flaring / Flanging
EDM (wire and ram type)
CNC Screw Machine
Sand / Grit Blasting
Nothing / Slotting
End Forming
Centerless Grinding
Welding / Brazing
Laser Welding
Laser Cutting
Laser Notching
Laser Etching
Radius End Closures
Spherical Pointed or Flat End Closures
General Machining
Drilling / Reaming
Bevel Cutting