Lab Sample Kit

Experiment with Sizes Before Placing a Production Run

This is tailor-made for engineers, designers, and manufacturers seeking to push the boundaries of experimentation in their test, evaluation, and prototyping endeavors.

This comprehensive kit is comprised of a large assortment of Type 304 stainless steel hypodermic tubing well suited for test, evaluation and prototyping by designers and laboratory personnel. Filling the need for customers who want to experiment with a variety of sizes before placing production orders, the kit features approximately 90 pieces of 40″ long stainless steel hypodermic tubing in a full range of sizes from 6 Gauge to 33 Gauge – all with a variety of wall thicknesses.

Price:  $295.95

Type 304 is highly resistant to a wide range of environmental and chemical exposures, making it an ideal choice for applications in various industries where protection against corrosion is paramount.

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