Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc Exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis 2019

MDM MN 2019 | Medical Design & Manufacturing25 years ago they held the first MD&M Minneapolis – a lot has changed in those years. We may even wonder if tradeshows are still relevant in this digital age. The costs of attending a medical design tradeshow can add up and we can reach a large audience online. However, socially engaging with potential and current customers is still important. The in-person experience is essential and could not be duplicated on-line. 

MD&M Minneapolis will focus on:

Cardio Medical Device Manufacturing

From surgical robots to 3D-printed cells, the demand for heart-related products is soaring. An aging population and technical breakthroughs in medical device manufacturers have created new markets for catheters, leadless pacemakers, biocompatible materials and coatings, and more. At Minneapolis, the industry’s leading companies and medical design experts will reveal innovations that extend and save lives. Learn More!

Robotics and Automation

If you’re looking to shift toward more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing processes, you need to know robotics and automation. Companies and engineers who understand the latest processes and technology can outdo their competitors — and improve the bottom line. Minneapolis’s exhibitors and educational sessions will show you the latest innovations in this fast-moving field. Learn More!  

Digital Health

Forget going to your doctor’s office for checkups and prescriptions. Soon, new devices will gauge your health, tell you what’s wrong, and let your doctor pay a virtual house call. These technologies, under the general term “digital health,” are a big business and getting bigger. At Minneapolis, exhibitors and educational sessions will show you what’s new and what’s coming in this rising sector. Learn More! 

IoT & Connected Devices

If you think machine-to-machine communication is growing fast, you’re right. Thanks to the Internet of Things, new technologies and business opportunities are rising all the time, and the expo can help you take advantage of this trend. The show’s exhibitors and educational programs will show you the latest in hot IoT sectors, including interoperability, artificial intelligence, data security, and blockchain. Learn More!

3D Printing

There’s no turning back. The future of advanced design and manufacturing is taking shape and 3D printing is in the front seat. We’re not talking 10, or even five years down the road — major overhauls in the medical design industry are happening right now. At Minneapolis, we’re highlighting this critical and pervasive topic so you can walk away fully prepared for this manufacturing mainstay. Learn More! 

Biocompatible Materials

4D — also called biocompatible 3D printing — goes one step further. When a stimulus, be it water, heat, light, or electric current, triggers a 4D-printed object, the object will change shape. (Think of a cardiac stent that opens up in response to body temperature.) Tiny devices implanted for diagnosis and treatment can now be soft and flexible, making procedures less painful and invasive. From tissue engineering to surgical implants and prosthetics, this new technology is making what was once unimaginable a reality. What’s taking shape for biocompatible materials and plastics in the next five to ten years, thanks to this game-changing technology, is anybody’s guess. And in Minneapolis, we’re putting it in the spotlight. Learn More!

MD&M Minneapolis is taking place at the Minneapolis convention center over two days. Wednesday, October 23- 24. VP of Operations Rob Bubencik Jr. and Account manager John Ross will be on hand to meet with you. If you would like to set up a time to meet with them, send me an email at lknowlton@eagletube.com (Lisa Knowlton, Marketing Director) or contact us online. See you at the show!