At Eagle Stainless, Quality Systems Matter

Quality Control

When you’re looking for a custom metal fabricator, there are many factors to consider beyond pricing, inventory, and capabilities. When it comes to choosing a supplier who will give you confidence in your order, it’s important to select one with a history of quality management systems and certifications as well as a seamless and transparent system. Eagle Stainless has had quality certifications in place since 1998, but so much more goes into our rigorous quality systems to ensure unwavering customer satisfaction.

Understanding your Supplier’s Quality System

Your supplier’s willingness to share the details of their quality system is an excellent indicator of their commitment to quality and their honesty as a business. When a business chooses to implement a quality system, it must first take the time to thoroughly examine itself and its existing processes to gain an understanding of every operation. Once all steps of production are analyzed, there is an opportunity to improve the system to increase efficiency while maintaining optimal quality. At Eagle Stainless, we have accomplished this, and through this process we continue to improve, ensuring positive results in all quality checks. Our commitment to our quality system benefits our business and our customers.

Industry-Recognized Quality Systems Deliver Confidence

A successful quality system should be built around the needs of customers, and structured to adhere to industry standards and regulations. This combination ensures compliance while demonstrating a commitment to excellence. To adhere to the strict requirements of quality systems, products must undergo thorough quality checks at every level of their production. With this system, issues and variances can be corrected, then these mistakes can be analyzed and used to improve the process. At Eagle Stainless, we have worked to develop an established quality management system that saves time when we are being audited by certifying bodies.

Quality Systems Promote Employee Empowerment

At Eagle, our unwavering quality system extends to every facet of our company, including our internal atmosphere and employee culture. To ensure consistency, all team members are involved in the quality system at every level of production, from material purchasing to fabrication to testing, and even shipping. Implementing a quality system requires teamwork and employee empowerment. At Eagle, every employee is concerned with the standard of the product at every step of production. This extends from order entry and raw material purchasing to fabrication and QA to final test and shipping. With employee involvement at every stage, the quality system functions as a failsafe for errors and guarantees a quality end product.

Quality Systems Demonstrate Commitment to Precision

The longer a company has maintained and fine-tuned its quality system, the more likely that they have an equivalent history of innovation. At Eagle, we have worked since 1982 to ensure our products reflect our high standards. We hold the ISO 9001 (general quality standard), ISO 13485 (Medical quality standard), and numerous other certifications that prove to our customers that we comply with the latest industry standards. This commitment to quality also allows us to broaden our market since the ISO series of certifications is recognized internationally.

For more information about our stringent quality management system, download our Quality Matters PDF!