Choosing Small Diameter Tubing for Your Application

Hypodermic Tubing

Small-diameter tubing serves an integral role in countless applications and procedures in industries like medical, pharmaceutical, and numerous scientific fields. With new advances over the years, the detail that has changed most is the ability to customize small-diameter tubing with specific and precisely manufactured tubing. If your application requires small-diameter or hypodermic tubing, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before placing an order.

Small Diameter Tubing Materials

When you are sourcing for small-diameter tubing, you should choose a manufacturer that offers an extensive selection of materials. Eagle’s sophisticated inventory management system keeps the most popular sizes readily available for off-the-shelf shipping. Even if you already know which material is ideal for your application, our experience with working with a wide range of materials will be able to offer options or maybe even suggest an improvement to your required tubing type. T304 and T 316 are the most common alloys, using a readily available alloy can speed up the manufacturing process. Eagle offers multiple types of stainless steel as well as tempering options for further customization, ensuring a highly specific end product that meets your needs.

Size and Specifications

The details of your application will ultimately decide the size of small-diameter tubing you require. At Eagle Stainless, we take great pride in our ability to provide a combination of precision and variety. We are capable of manufacturing small-diameter tubing in 3 gauge to 33 gauge, metric sizes, and fractional sizes. Tubing is generally ordered to outside diameter and wall thickness. Tell us what criteria are important to you so we can customize your order, you can choose the OD, type, temper, standard length, and wall thickness. Eagle’s account managers are willing to guide you in making the right choice.

Experimenting with Sizes Before Placing a Production Run

When you are ordering small-diameter tubing, you want to be entirely sure that your choice will be perfect for your specific needs. In order to gain the peace of mind that comes with feeling confident in your selection, our lab sample kit makes sense. Eagle’s lab kit is 90 pieces of 300 series stainless steel hypodermic tubing well suited for test, evaluation and prototyping by designers and laboratory personnel. Not all manufacturers offer this option, but at Eagle Stainless, we see it as an opportunity to better serve our customers.

Fabrication Expertise

Once you have the tubing size you need, are there other services you need? At Eagle we offer cut-to-length tubing, cutting and deburring any diameter tubing in quantities from a single piece to millions of pieces. CNC machining, precision bending and coiling and many other fabrication capabilities. Whether you know the exact fabrication services you need, or you’re looking for a custom solution for your unique specifications, we can help!

If you’re ready to begin the process of ordering custom small-diameter or hypodermic tubing, contact Eagle Stainless today!