Custom Tubing: Is it Right for Your Application?

Custom Tubing Components

Many industries depend on strong, reliable tubing, with a wide array of tubing varieties that can be fabricated. Devices and components have demanding expectations. Corrosion resistance, hygiene, and the strength of metals make it an ideal choice in many industries. When selecting a supplier for your custom tubing, it is important to know if you need one with specific capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Tubing?

Tubing can be made in a wide range of lengths, diameters, shapes, and alloys, including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel, copper, and brass. It can be welded or seamless, depending on the final product.

Determining what characteristics are most important will help to prioritize your custom tube. It can be tolerances, finishes, tempers, and numerous other requirements. Let’s look at a few specific industry examples to help you decide if custom tubing is needed for your application:

Aerospace Tubing

The aerospace industry uses custom tubing in many ways. Tubing is used in aircraft hydraulic lifts, landing gear and engine components. Aerospace engineers must ensure that every tube is strong enough to handle the heat, stress and repetitive wear of flight yet light for maximum fuel efficiency and performance. One answer is precision machining which is critical for accuracy. CNC machining offers a combination of precision and repeatability needed in the aerospace industry. Eagle’s quality management system ensures that orders are done per specification

Medical Tubing

Doctors and hospitals often perform medical procedures with precise, customized devices. Tight tolerances are needed on medical devices used in minimally invasive surgeries. Tolerances expected to be held can be as tight as +/- 0.0001 to ensure surgical accuracy. The finish of a surgical device may also be important for the end product. Shiny reflective stainless steel can be distracting during surgery under bright lights. These medical devices, including stents, surgical instruments, stethoscopes and diagnostic equipment, often require tiny custom tubing that is consistent, durable and easy to sterilize.

High-Tech Manufacturing Tubing

The many industrial applications of custom tubing include everything from the manufacture of automotive parts to nuclear reactor components. With thousands of possible uses, manufacturers have one thing in common: the need for durable, reliable cost-effective tubing to keep their production lines running efficiently.

When you choose custom tubing from Eagle Stainless you also get the expertise you need to help define your options and the overall experience that exceeds expectations.

How Do You Order Custom Tubing?

Simply specify your particular tube’s characteristics and contact Eagle Stainless to request a quote to begin the process of ordering your custom tubing. Visit our Top Ten Tips for Ordering page, which will guide you through the questions we will ask to help prepare your quote. Still have questions? Our friendly product specialists can help you choose the ideal custom tubing solution for your unique specifications.